Bratley's Outlaws

COME AND BE CAPTIVATED by beautiful lakeside surroundings, warm welcome and the BEST MUSIC in Second Life at CAY’S!  The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for meeting and enjoying the company of good friends.  The staff at Cay’s are the best – DJs and Hosts who are second to none.  They are entertainers dedicated to doing all they can to ensure the guests at Cay’s have one hell of a good time!

At Cay’s we offer blues and blues related genres such as Soul, Classic Rock,  R&B, Swing/Jump Blues and Americana.  There is too much great music within those genres to overly limit a DJ’s choices. Additionally, the DJs and Hosts often plan special musical themes and Cay’s is known for special venues and events. It’s about being entertaining and engaging the guests, not music education or restricting a guest’s request choices.

Woodland Lake was inspired by my grandparent’s summer home on a lake in Alabama. It is where I spent countless happy hours with my family. My grandfather built the house and most of the furniture. The beautifully landscaped land sloped down to the lake where he built a large patio and gazebo. There was a pier and plenty of room for us to run and play. Our entertainment was swimming, boating, playing cards, listening to the record player or radio and hearing the wonderful stories told by my family. To me Woodland Lake is about music, being with family and friends, and sharing the best of times. That is what I want people to experience when they visit Cay’s at Woodland Lake!

Cayleen Linette

Rollin's Fabulous Fifties Show Final




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